When the sun crashed to the ground following Istuna’s death, the impact caused it to shatter into countless fragments while also blasting the ground beneath it. Though most of these fragments were returned to the sky during The Final Dawn, some remained behind. As pieces of the sun that was, these bits of sun, called Sunshards by most, emit incredible light and warmth, and are capable of restoring life to places long-devoid of both.

There are many known Sunshards in the world, and there are believed to be many more still at large. These powerful fragments from Istuna’s broken sun are infinitely valuable, with stories abound of castles, armies, and even entire kingdoms being traded away for the right to own one. In their natural state, Sunshards are small, crystalline rocks of pale yellow, which emanate a gentle light and warmth in a wide radius around them. In the hands of a skilled (and attuned) Lucient, however, Sunshards are capable of so much more.

Unattuned Sunshards can be picked up and handled by anyone. They usually weigh between 1 and 5 pounds, and can vary in size from being as small as a pebble, to as large as a fist (there are rumors of larger ones, but there is no proof to substantiate these claims). They constantly radiate a gentle warmth and give off light in a hundred-foot radius around them, but both of these effects can be obscured by covering the Sunshard in a thick layer of oilcloth or burying it in sand.

Because of their tremendous value, it is unwise to be caught with an unattuned Sunshard, as their price alone makes the risk of death or punishment seem pale in comparison. Travelers who encounter Sunshards are advise to pick them up with great caution, for unless you are ready to be hunted by thieves, bandits and Tyrants alike, you are better off just leaving it where you found it.


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