"Moreso than all the advice contained within these pages, the safest habit of them all it to stay home. And yet, we press on."

- Architect Ferrethan, "Pilgrimage"

Though not actually magical, Pilgrimage is such a highly-valued and sought after piece of work, that it is treated with much the same regard as many artifacts.

In the year 21 of Darkness, Ferrethan—then, a low-ranking Architect—returned from his 14-year pilgrimage all across Vulcanica. Bookish even by scholarly standards, he'd kept a detailed journal with him in his travels, which he'd brought back with him. Convinced by his peers to transcribe his findings into a single, comprehensive work, he began compiling descriptions of his travels, interwoven with his thoughts and reflections, and neatly organized.

Seven years later, in the fall of 28, Pilgrimage was completed. Word of the book traveled quickly, and in a few years, Ferrethan's entire abbey was devoted to producing copies. Filled from cover to cover with detailed maps, travel routes, helpful tips, language guides, insights, and much more, Pilgrimage is an invaluable tool for anyone hoping to brave the wilds of Vulcanica. 


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