Maggs (Magnolia) aka Echo aka Lynx



The change in Maggs’ appearance is often subtle, her frame muscular though since her hatching has always been female and such is the gender she chose for herself. The length and style of her hair are constantly in flux, like her face, but the burn scars that mark her body and the burning flame in her eyes is always there.

Echo rotates through three names, Maggs (short for Magnolia), Echo, and Lynx. The reason for the different names is her own and there never seems to be a reason for her use of any of them.

Maggs is young, but she is she knows what she wants. Her life is driven for change, hating staying anywhere very long and always looking for shiny/beautiful things. She is selfish, but finds herself attached to the group, even as they annoy her with their strange emotions and desire to help and linger.

She often believes that those that posses something shiny do not deserve it.

She believes that death is another part of life and that it is a necessary change. Though she does secretly fear her own death.



  • Stagnation is Death
  • Shiny is Worth It


  • Dress
  • Bag
  • Small purse of sentimental, personal, and shiny items, given to her from the people of the warrens as thanks for killing the shape shifting monster, there was also some bits in it. This was meant to go to the entire group, but Maggs kept it to herself.

Light Up The Night
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Maggs (Magnolia) aka Echo aka Lynx

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