Agate aka Aggie

Herbalist Slade


Aggie, a mid-size Slade of pale stone covered in various patches of moss, lichen, mushrooms, and algae. The fissures and rough patches these growing things cause look somewhat like wrinkles, which could contribute to the impression most people have of a grandmotherly figure.

Aggie has a delicate touch, surprisingly so for a Slade. The gentle way Aggie handles objects makes sure that they take no harm.


Aggie is a taciturn Slade, not that that is a surprising trait. While Slade are agender, most people who interact with Aggie feel most comfortable with female pronouns. Aggie does not correct them, and does not mind being thought of as a sort of grandmother. Perhaps she is short with her words and slow to action because of her unimaginably long lifespan. Even she has trouble remembering how long she has lived.

Most of her lifespan has been spent underground. She is entirely obsessed with growing things, and their uses. Did you know there is a certain algae that dries harder than shale that Aggie found in an underground spring? She spent so much time isolated underground that she is only now getting used to being around living beings, even with all of the experience being part of the prison gang.

Aggie feels no true sorrow or upset over ended lives, especially if they were an obstacle to furthering the goals of the group. Mostly, she finds it uncomfortable to reconcile the change in routine if that person interacted with her often.

That being said, she understands the value of saving a life if that is possible. She wishes to aid people where she can, and the best way she has found to do so is by sharing her wealth of knowledge and precious small collection of herbs, fungus, and various other growing things.

Aggie’s greatest goal is to once again rejoin a society above ground where she can collect more varied growing things and create a catalog and reference for everyone to use. She knows that it is likely she may die before that becomes a reality, but she will fight as hard as she can to make sure at least a portion of her knowledge outlives her.

Agate aka Aggie

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