Tyrants of Vulcanica

Andar, the underhanded and scheming leader of Ibygya.

Archades, the strong and aggressive leader of Grakhos Rho and Livokha.

The Burning Vigil, the militaristic cabal that watches over The Evertorch.

Daesei, the hedonistic and cruel leader of Pontartea and Vikkemont.

Ebra, the traditionalistic and impatient leader of Iluth Vik.

Feraon, the progressive but controlling leader of Cliffport and Safeport.

Hurok, the stern but fair leader of Irremont.

Idari, the calculating and heavy-handed leader of Koth.

The Iron Matron, the unyielding and enigmatic leader of The Ironforge.

Loruna, the young and devout leader of Crossing.

Might, the fearless and level-headed leader of Tuari.

The Pale Throne, the shadowy and brutal leader of Falle and Kardend.

Rook, the idealistic yet firm leader of Amberwatch and Khoz Utic.

Siege, the smart and bold leader of Redemption.

Vasha, the driven and power-hungry leader of Blodigoy.

Zerdahn, the headstrong and xenophobic leader of Skeggemont.

Zumeli, the haunted and blackhearted leader of Trada and Lyrah.

Tyrants of Vulcanica

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