The Fall

"The only ones still alive today who remember those black days are all Slade, and so it was the Slade to which I spoke. I had never before seen a Slade weep, and I hope to never again.

"Not one among them knows how it happened, and I suspect they draw perhaps a small measure of peace from this ignorance. They all, however, agree that it all began when Istuna died. Such a thing was unheard of, and many considered it (and still consider it) an impossible feat. Yet, die she did, and with her departure, much of her creations began to fail. 

"The Slade described the events that followed as the Pains. The first Pain was, in an instant, her magic, the Wild-Wind, went completely dun. The force responsible for natural growth in Vulcanica, the very energy that fueled every green creation—dried up in the blink of an eye. The Slade say that, though this was the first Pain, it took the longest for its impacts to be truly felt.

"The second Pain, and perhaps the most famous, was the sun—a constant, visual reminder of Istuna's love—dying. Plummeting from the sky and crashing to ground, its destruction as definite as it was instant; this is the Pain that most people associate with the name of the Fall. 

"The third and final Pain (depending on who you talk to) was the breaking of the Fey. Upon seeing their magic dried up, their sun falling from its throne in the heavens, and their creator dead at their feet, the Fey—collectively, as a people—went mad with agony. So great was their suffering, all crammed into the span of a few moments, that it was easier for their minds to simply break than to bear the stress. This is a Pain that has never been reversed, and even today, the Fey exist only as gibbering lunatics, more feral beast than intelligent person. 

"It was in hearing these stories that I witnessed, for the first time in my life, a Slade suffer. They shared with me tales of neighbors, friends, even loved ones whose minds were torn asunder by agony. They spoke of how they, in those dark days before the Final Dawn, sought out those Fey close to them, only to be attacked or fled from by their former friends. They described how this was, more than the loss of magic or sunlight, the greatest Pain of them all. It is rare for a Slade to remember change, but every one I spoke to recalled these moments with crystal clarity, and crumpled under the weight of their memories. As I said before, I had never before seen a Slade weep. I hope to never again."

- Architect Ferrethan, "Pilgrimage," 3341 Darkness

The Fall

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