Shadows Fall

"Vulcanica was forever scarred. In spirit, her people were broken and afraid, anxious of these new dangers. In flesh, millions were dead, struck down in the span of a few days. And in form, the land itself had changed, broken and crumbled beneath the weight it had been forced to bear. Forever after known as Shadow's Fall, it served as a horrifically poignant reminder of what had happened the moment Istuna's last breath escaped her body."

- Architect Ferrethan, "Pilgrimage," 3341 Darkness

In the moments following The Fall, when the sun plummeted from the sky and crashed to ground, the land beneath was permanently marked. Much of it was crushed in the impact, and nearly all of the surrounding land not immediately destroyed was burned as the sun's intense heat poured out through its many cracks and rifts. In seconds, more than one entire nation was instantly wiped from the map, destroyed completely in the cataclysm that came crashing down over them.

Even by the time of the Final Dawn, wildfires and ever-opening fissures left the land an inhospitable hellscape. For years, it would remain this way, consumed in flame and ash, until, eventually, there was simply nothing left to destroy. In time, the region became known as Shadow's Fall, and existed in the collective memory as a painful reminder of exactly how sweeping and indiscriminate the destruction of the Fall had been.

Eventually, Shadow's Fall was re-settled, and has grown to become one of the most heavily-populated regions in all of Vulcanica. The crater formed by the sun's crashing has long since filled with sea, and—now called the Shattered Sea—is home to a relatively healthy maritime trade industry. 

Most of the land was turned to black glass in the intense heat of the Fall, and the coast surrounding the Shattered Sea is often known as the Obsidian Fields. Some of this land has been made fertile over the centuries (usually with Sunshards), but much of it still remains as extremely hard, black glass coated in a thin layer of coarse, black sand.

Access to a safe port and trade with other city-states has brought great wealth to many of the Tyrants in Shadow's Fall, which in turn frequently makes them greedy. As such, Shadow's Fall has historically been known as a war-torn region, and is currently enjoying one of the longest stretches of peace in living memory.

The people here are industrious and resourceful, considering with honor their ability to make the best out of a very bad situation. They often pride themselves on being able to think of creative solutions to overwhelming problems, and do not shy away from hard work. Many of the Tyrants in Shadow's Fall have a reputation of fairness and benevolence (especially when compared to other regions), so loyalty is a far more common trait among the peoples of this region than most others.

Shadows Fall

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