Goh Rozhon

"Though reminders of this ancient empire are clear and present to any who know what to look for, very few notice the relics that litter our world. Indeed, outside of western Escion, it is rare to encounter someone who even recognizes the name 'Goh Rozhon,' let alone has any understanding of what it means—or, more importantly, what it meant."

- Architect Ferrethan, "Pilgrimage," 3341 Darkness

Once the mightiest of nations to ever stand in Vulcanica, the ancient empire of Goh Rozhon was faded and forgotten long before even the Fall. Today, the ruins of the fallen state litter southwest Escion (primarily in the Kastia and Vale Tenebrous regions), and hints of the dominion that was can be found across the world.

Grakhos Rho, capital of Tyrant Archades rule, is one of the few lingering relics of this ancient empire that is still in use today. Along with Livokha and Khoz Utic, it stands as a reminder of days past, and the mighty nation that once was.

One of the greatest achievements of the Gho Rozhon empire was the discovery (and refienement) of Kozhalt ore. An incredibly rare metal even in Vale Tenebrous, where it is most plentiful, it is even more difficult to smelt and forge than it is to find. However, the skilled Rozhornas smiths of the time were able to eventually perfect the process. The result was Kozhalt, a metal so famed for its strength and resistance to rust and dirt, that even today, it is rivaled in worth only by Sunshards.

Goh Rozhon

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